CD sales for The Passage

jessie-bWe are delighted to introduce Jessie B, aged 12, one of our supporters who has created a CD for us – available for purchase now!

“My name is Jess Bartlett and I recorded a CD of which all profits will go the The Passage. I love singing as it makes me feel whole and new, it is my special talent and I love every inch of it. I feel like singing is the thing that will stay with me for all of my life.

“I made my CD because my Dad and I thought that it would be an amazing new experience, and one which I would remember my whole life. I really enjoyed creating it and I love being able to turn on the CD player and being able to hear my own voice! Then we came up with the idea to dedicate it to a charity, and I was stuck on which one to choose. I was constantly thinking about all the different choices but I made up my mind when I went for a walk and saw a homeless man sleeping on the ground. I realised that the number of people without a home is concerning and that it is becoming more of an issue.

“That’s why I chose The Passage, because of the amazing work they do to help homeless people get back on their feet. I think people should support The Passage because if we all work together to conquer homelessness the issue would be solved; we just need somewhere to start.”

We suggest a minimum donation of £3, and if you would like to purchase this wonderful CD and support both Jessie and The Passage, please email Miranda Keast.


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