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We encountered Michael for the first time in January. After losing his flat due to financial problems, he was forced onto the streets. As most of you know, January can be dismally cold, which is why it was extremely important to help Michael as soon as possible.

When Michael first came to the Passage, he was dealing with various different health issues. Due to a condition that affected his facial structure, Michael lacked confidence when meeting new people and was very shy. When we assessed Michael, we found out that he had a wealth of training and experience as a baker and patisserie maker. Once we learned of this passion, we connected Michael to a bakery where he began volunteering one day a week. He also put his time to good use helping our chef to make desserts for fellow residents and taking IT lessons with a volunteer with whom he has been building an intranet website for Passage Residents.

Today, Michael is a full-time paid employee at the bakery he began volunteering at almost a year ago. Because of the Passage’s help, Michael’s health issues have stabilized, he has gained employment and his confidence has skyrocketed. With the help of our resettlement worker he will soon be moving in to independent accommodation.

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Volunteering at the Passage

The Passage has a strong culture of volunteering and we are very grateful to those who offer their time and skills to support our work.

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