Regardless of the weather, every day of the year, either late at night or early in the morning, members of our Outreach Team go out in pairs to assist new rough sleepers to move away from the streets as quickly as possible, and to work with longer-term rough sleepers to help them make the difficult transition from the street.

Over the past year the team has recruited a number of volunteers, including a GP and former clients, to complement the service and they constantly look for innovative ways to engage with the most hard-to-reach people, including holding sessions in the Resource Centre at quieter periods outside normal opening hours.

By 1 April 2013, 532 of the 578 people who were verified as new to sleeping rough in South Westminster during the year were no longer on the streets. The Outreach Team also made considerable progress with entrenched rough sleepers: 41 returned to their home areas and 91 found accommodation.