A lovely living room

ph loungeWe’re always pleased to be able to report on our productive partnerships with businesses, which can take many forms.

Recently, members of McAlpine’s office staff came to help us at Passage House, our 40-bed hostel for male rough sleepers, by repainting the entire communal area on the fourth floor.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to McAlpine for taking valuable time out of their day to work on the facilities of Passage House so that the residents can have a new and improved lounge.

As if that wasn’t enough, McAlpine were kind enough to donate some building materials to two residents so that they could renovate their own rooms! We’re truly appreciative of their efforts to help our community, as well as giving the residents of Passage House an opportunity to continue the great work.

If any other business would like to support the work of The Passage – and to enhance the lives of those who rely on us – please get in touch on [email protected]