Sleeping rough in summer

Sunshine-clip-art-free-clipartWith the end of the school holidays and the beginning of September come questions such as ‘hope you had a good summer?’ and ‘what did you do over the summer?’.

Our experience at The Passage is that homelessness is very much in the public consciousness during winter, with the sheer brutality of the cold, snow and rain, and the emphasis on giving and thinking of others during the Christmas period.  Last week, however, we asked our clients to tell us what it’s like to sleep rough during summer.  Here were some of the responses:

  • It still rains the summer!  Your stuff gets wet and you might have paperwork that you need to look after.
  • You’ve got to be careful not to get sunburn or get dehydrated
  • Winter or summer, it’s still tough even if the weather’s nice
  • Regardless of the weather, people should remember we aren’t loners – we have loved ones and people who care about us just like everyone else.

Even when the sun is putting a smile on our faces, there are still people in need on the streets and here at The Passage, we’re open year-round for people, come rain or shine. We hope you had a great summer, whether you went on holiday or enjoyed a relaxing time at home, and if you’d like to contribute to our work of helping people to transform their lives, take a look at the Support Us section of our website, or email Mir[email protected]