46% increase in people seeking The Passage’s homelessness support services in 2019

There has been a 46% increase in people seeking The Passage’s support services compared to this time last year, a figure that continues to rise year on year. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to us given the testing current climate.

There has been a 165% increase in street homelessness since 2010, and a 41% rise in Westminster, the area in which we operate, in the last two years. As a charity that seeks to both prevent street homelessness and also help those who have ended up street homeless off those streets and back into society, our work does not cease. Despite the growing challenges, we strive to obtain the best outcomes for our homeless clients.

For example, we continue to operate the largest resource centre of its kind in the UK, providing health services, hot food, showers, laundry facilities, emotional support, as well as employment and accommodation solutions to help clients end their homelessness for good. In the past year 36,848 visits were made to our resource centre, up from 31,033 last year, further highlighting the growing demand that homelessness services are facing.

On World Homeless Day, read about the change that can happen when homeless individuals are given access to the resources to transform their lives, and help us to raise awareness and continue the important work that we do.

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