The Passage CEO, Mick Clarke, responds to Government announcement pledging an extra £1.6 billion for councils

The Government has announced that councils across England will receive a further £1.6 billion to help them deal with the immediate impacts of the coronavirus.

Reacting to this announcement. Passage CEO Mick Clarke said:

“This is a public health emergency. Much has been achieved in the last few weeks to help people off the streets, and also out of accommodation projects with shared facilities and get them into safe and secure accommodation; The Passage is proud to be playing our part in this with many other charities and local and central government. However, over the last week or so momentum seemed to have stalled, with central government halting further funding; we hope that with this announcement that momentum can be regained and we can finish the job of getting everyone in. Now is not the time to slow down if we are serious about not just getting everyone in, but also serious about getting everyone a home at the end of this pandemic. We have an opportunity to help so many people come off the streets permanently; we must seize it.”

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