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Make this the conversation for the 2024 General Election

Every day of the year, The Passage has the privilege of witnessing homelessness being ended for those who come to our doors. Yet it feels like homelessness has become almost acceptable. By working together, with a clear and radical plan, we know homelessness can be prevented and ended.

The Passage is calling for the issue of homelessness to be a key part of the conversation this election, with a focus on three key areas that we believe will help to end homelessness:

.1) Invest in what works.

Government needs to invest in services and schemes that have clear evidence of tangible and lasting outcomes in ending homelessness and can be scaled up across the country.

.2) Leadership and accountability.

Clear leadership, accountability and responsibility is needed both in London and nationally on the issue of homelessness, and a clear commitment made to work collaboratively from all relevant departments.

.3) A radical approach to social housing.

Another Beveridge Report moment is needed to raise social housing above the party political fray and instead, to develop a radical, state-owned social housing programme providing homes for all.

Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Passage took the opportunity to build on the impact and learning of the emergency ‘Everyone In‘ scheme that reframed homelessness as a public health issue and helped thousands of people off the streets and into accommodation.

We tested out new models and approaches to preventing and ending homelessness which, despite the unacceptable rise in street homelessness over the last few years, have now been fully embedded in our work, offering real hope to those who come to our doors.  

Ahead of the upcoming General Election, we urge future leaders to work collaboratively and pledge to bringing about lasting change in response to the rising number of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. This needs a bold and radical approach to move away from simply managing rough sleeping to preventing it altogether.


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