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Addressing homelessness and human trafficking on a global scale

Today, in Dublin, The Passage has launched the first of a series of reports that identify the link between homelessness and human trafficking in various international cities, detailing the findings and recommendations of mapping work we have carried out.

We have found that homelessness is a common denominator in the issue of human trafficking, with those on the streets at greater risk of becoming victims of this crime; whilst those escaping human trafficking often end up street homeless. Five years of data reveals that over 75% of victims of human trafficking identified by The Passage, had become homeless as a direct result of their exploitation. 

By its very nature, human trafficking does not respect international borders and The Passage has therefore embarked on collaborative mapping work in major international cities to establish if, as in the UK, there is a proven link between homelessness and human trafficking and what the wider global solutions to addressing this are.

Click here for an overview of homelessness and human trafficking in Dublin

Partnering with Depaul Ireland, The Passage commissioned a similar exercise to the one carried out in the UK to explore the potential links between homelessness and human trafficking in Ireland. Mapping and evaluation focussed on Dublin has identified clear links between homelessness and human trafficking, reflecting the situation in London.

The report explains the research carried out, alongside the results and findings from surveys and focus groups. This research has led to recommendations that will assist improved identification and support of trafficked victims in Ireland’s homelessness sector. The Irish Government has recently launched a new National Action Plan on human trafficking, and it is believed our recommendations can contribute to achieving the objectives of the strategy.

An Overview Of Homelessness And Human Trafficking In Dublin

David Carroll, Chief Executive of Depaul, said: “Human trafficking is becoming more prevalent in Ireland and the aim of this research is to shine a light on this issue in the context of trafficking and homelessness. The report highlights the need to not only to identify victims, but to be able to link these victims into crucial support services which are only at the beginning of development. Every gender and every nationality can be a victim of this destructive crime. No community is immune to it.

The Passage has also established a partnership with the Mayor of New York’s Office to End Domestic and Gender Based Violence to carry out similar mapping work across the New York City district, and will shortly produce a report that captures that work, with findings, evidence, and recommendations.

Together with our international partners, we hope to encourage systemic change both on the ground (through service delivery) and at a strategic level through sharing best practice and learnings; transforming how we address the issues of homelessness and human trafficking on a global scale.

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