Client Stories


Nomonde first found herself sleeping rough after her relationship broke down, she had been entirely dependent on her partner financially. It was an immensely troublesome period for Nomonde, not only was she having to deal with the after effects of…

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Lindsay has been attending our resource centre each day. She is currently sleeping in a night shelter and seeks support from The Passage during the day for food, clothing and basic human interaction. Having suffered abuse in her teens, Lindsay…

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Norman is 72 and originates from Jamaica where during his younger years he co-owned a café with his same sex partner. He reflects on these years as being very happy until one dreadful day when he discovered that his partner…

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Fred is an EU national who came to the UK this year. He became homeless in the Victoria area and began attending The Passage Resource Centre. His mental health worker noticed his self-care diminishing. He was often seen sitting alone,…

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Christopher became homeless in 2010, after losing his job as a financial accountant. His loss of earnings, combined with a relationship breakdown, meant that he was forced onto the streets where he was sleeping rough for ten months. Many of…

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Joao is a 32 year old man from Portugal.  Joao was found rough sleeping in Westminster by our Outreach team in November 2013 and at their suggestion he began using our Resource Centre the following day. Joao explained that though…

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Henry, a former client of The Passage, speaks about his experiences of homelessness and using our services.…

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Bradley came to the Passage in January at the age of 47, having had alcohol dependency issues for a decade. He also came in with very little confidence in his reading and writing abilities, so in addition to helping him…

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