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Bradley came to the Passage in January at the age of 47, having had alcohol dependency issues for a decade. He also came in with very little confidence in his reading and writing abilities, so in addition to helping him with his alcohol addiction, right away we began working with him on his literary, math and IT skills.

We set Bradley up with a skilled literacy volunteer who has worked with Bradley on his reading and writing skills. Sian recalls how, as she worked with him more and more, “Bradley’s reading became more fluent and confident, and he started doing extra reading as homework. He had a huge breakthrough a couple of months ago, when- seemingly out of nowhere- he started writing in neat, smooth, controlled handwriting.” Sian says that, “of course, [Bradley] had always been able to write that well, but lack of practice and lack of confidence had held him back.”

This Christmas, Bradley is much more confident and enthusiastic about learning. He will soon be moving in to semi-independent living, so he will be able to be in his own home for the holidays.

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