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Lindsay has been attending our resource centre each day. She is currently sleeping in a night shelter and seeks support from The Passage during the day for food, clothing and basic human interaction.

Having suffered abuse in her teens, Lindsay suffers from long-term mental health problems, which have affected her at different points in her life.

She had previously been working in a bank but following a bad chain of events she lost her job and found herself sleeping rough, in train stations and on public transport. She has been beaten on the street a number of times.

Currently, Lindsay is alone. Her brother passed away 12 months ago and her mother is in a care home. She comes to The Passage, not just for the basic need of food and clothing, but to alleviate her social isolation.

The Passage has helped Lindsay to socialise with others and get involved with activities such as crocheting which helps her relax. She clearly excels at it as you can see from the photo below.

For her, The Passage ‘has helped so much and given her back her safety.’

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