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Norman is 72 and originates from Jamaica where during his younger years he co-owned a café with his same sex partner. He reflects on these years as being very happy until one dreadful day when he discovered that his partner had been murdered. Norman then experienced significant personal discrimination and abuse, leading to him fleeing to the UK.

Norman arrived with some money which meant he could afford his own accommodation for a few months. However this ran out and Norman found himself on the streets. When Norman arrived at The Passage two years ago he had slept rough and on night buses for some years which meant that his physical health was suffering immensely. He was introduced to the nurse at The Passage who supported him with his physical health which became more stable and the Destitution Co-ordinator arranged for him to be placed into supported accommodation to aid his recovery.

Norman is a lovely, gentle man and was suitable for hosting, where a family offered him a room to stay whilst his immigration issues were addressed. Norman was introduced to the Immigration Solicitor at the Passage who worked on Norman’s application to the Home Office for asylum. This was initially refused but an out of time appeal was entered later and he eventually won his asylum appeal hearing. The Destitution Co-ordinator continued to support Norman throughout his time at The Passage and Norman now lives in his own home. He continues to access The Passage for support around maintaining his tenancy.

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