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Communicating Change: The Passage’s Service Updates

Our vision is of a society where street homelessness no longer exists and everyone has a place to call home.

In order to achieve this, it is important that we continue to reflect on our practices, to meet the needs of the current situation.

With rough sleeping reaching levels not seen in almost two decades, it is crucial that can identify opportunities to adapt and improve.

Discussions with our frontline teams, statutory service providers, and our service users revealed…

  1. An overlap in client needs – a large number of people being supported by our Health and Outreach Team were also offered support by our Community Intervention Team (the day-time outreach service).
  2. Barriers to support – despite being approached by our Community Intervention Team, there were times when severe or long-term mental health and substance use issues prevented individuals from accessing our services.
  3. Rising demand – there has been a significant increase in individuals needing mental health, drug, and alcohol support, which has meant many statutory mental health services were struggling with their capacity.

These conversations enabled us to identify and develop a new way of working, that would better meets the needs of our service users.

In the summer, we restructured services to combine elements of our previous Health & Wellbeing Team with our Community Intervention Team to create a new service: the Engagement & Outreach (E&O) Team. 

Moving away from a model that treats health, addiction, substance use, and mental health separately, the E&O Team take a holistic approach. They work with individuals who present complex needs, that may not have a straightforward route off the street.

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Find out more about how the team work to support our clients

Our Engagement and Outreach team supports our clients in a number of ways, based both within our Resource Centre and in the local area, where they deliver street-based outreach support to individuals bedded down. Their work involves:

  • Providing access to in-house mental health support services, and connecting individuals with external health services.
  • Arranging informal activities that will improve their wellbeing.
  • Accompanying individuals to substance use service assessments, appointments and groups.

Working closely with partner providers such as EASL, (Enabling Assessment Service London), the team ensure that our service users have a robust support network of professionals around them ready to provide specialist support when required.

The Passage is proud to work in partnership with Victoria Bid, Baker Street Quarter Partnership, Shelter and Network Rail to deliver outreach services in the area and would like to thank them for their incredible support.

The Engagement & Outreach Team work with people in a way that best suits their individual needs, whether that is in the Resource Centre setting or in an outreach capacity, for as long as is needed – understanding that for a number of our clients, meaningful and lasting change takes time, patience and trust.

*January – March 2023 compared to 2024.

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