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Inspired by the teachings and values of St Vincent De Paul, the doors of Westminster Cathedral were opened to those experiencing street homelessness in the local area. It was soon decided that an official charity was needed and in 1980, The Passage was founded. 

Today, The Passage is very fortunate to be supported by many churches and faith groups. From appeals at Mass, to bake sales and sponsored walks, local faith organisations have raised vital funds to support our work.

If you would like a representative of The Passage to come and visit you, please get in touch with Max Elgot, Community Fundraising Manager. Alternatively you can call The Passage Fundraising Team on 020 7592 1850.

By bank transfer

Bank account name: Passage 2000

Bank account number: 51370944

Bank sort code: 40-01-13

Reference: the name of your faith group

By phone

Please call us on 020 7592 1856.

Phone lines are open on Monday – Friday, from 9am – 5pm.

By cheque

You can send your donation by cheque/PO/CAF voucher made payable to ‘The Passage’. Please post in an envelope along with your name and the address of your faith group.

Please address it to: FAO Fundraising, The Passage, St Vincent’s Centre, Carlisle Place, SW1P 1NL.

In March 2023, St George’s Church in Sudbury generously offered to collect for us after each of their five Lent Masses.

That same weekend, the church’s Confirmation Group undertook a sponsored walk, in aid of The Passage. Staff from The Passage attended the Masses and spoke briefly about our work and the importance of support from the community. We were also delighted to award the certificates to the confirmation candidates as they completed their sponsored walk.

By the end of the weekend, the congregation at St George’s Sudbury had raised an incredible total of £5881.41👏🏼