fbpx Collecting vital funds at stations across London

The Passage hosts regular collections at Mainline railway and TFL Underground stations across London.

This would not be possible without our kind network of station collection volunteers, who each dedicate a minimum of one hour to collections of their choice.

The Passage station collections are primarily held between 7am-8pm on Tuesdays (and occasionally on Wednesdays). However, dates and times vary throughout the year depending on availability.

We are grateful to have a recurring slot, once a month in Victoria Station; just minutes from our Resource Centre. We also collect sporadically at stations across London, throughout the year on a regular basis.

Station collections provide a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of The Passage and the current homelessness situation. But, most importantly, they help us to raise up to £45,000 a year in donations.

Station collecting is a great way to give back to the local community, requiring just a small amount of your time. However, the impact on The Passage and our services is huge! With flexible commitments and a variety of locations to choose from, we recommend everyone gives it a go at least once. Who knows, you might be a natural!

Our friendly team of volunteers look forward to welcoming you at a station soon.

For more information, please get in touch with Max, Community Fundraising Manager. Or, if you are ready to join Team Passage, please fill out our application form.