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We’re here to help, but we appreciate that there may be occasions where you might be dissatisfied with one of our services, communications or activities.

If this is the case, please let us know so that we can resolve the issue.

How will my complaint be dealt with?

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days of receiving it. After this, we will investigate the issue and aim to respond to you within 5 working days. If the issue is going to take longer to resolve, we will still get in touch within those 5 working days to let you know our progress. If we respond with our resolution but do not hear back from you again within 21 days, we will consider the matter closed.

We keep a record of all complaints received to help us monitor the number and types of complaints we receive. This helps inform us of any changes that may be needed to our services, communications or activities in response to your feedback.

Who to contact

Complaints about our frontline services: [email protected]

Complaints about our website, press or social media: [email protected]

Complaints about our newsletters or campaigns: [email protected]

Complaints about our events: [email protected]

Complaints about our Privacy Policy, or concerns about how The Passage handles your data: [email protected]

If you would prefer to make a complaint in the post, please send it to the following address, referencing the relevant department: clients, media, fundraising, events or privacy

The Passage, St Vincent’s Centre, Carlisle Place, London, SW1P 1NL