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Fit for All: Community Building Fitness Classes at The Passage

In a world where barriers often hinder access to fitness, we’re on a mission to create a space for our clients to feel empowered to engage with exercise within a supportive and uplifting environment.

That’s why when Sarah Ryder, a local fitness trainer and founder of Bear Fitness, contacted The Passage with the idea to offer weekly fitness classes for our clients, we were excited to support this project!

With funding from Westminster Council Sarah was able to provide these classes to both clients and residents in the area, right from her rooftop gym based on top of The Passage’s Resource Centre.

Breaking down barriers

For many people facing or overcoming homelessness finding the time or resources for exercise can be challenging. But we wanted to change that for our clients.

Fitness is about more than the physical; it holds huge benefits for general wellbeing. For people recovering from homelessness, these sessions can provide a space to focus on self-care, improve their mental wellbeing and create a sense of purpose.

Our weekly fitness sessions began last year, motivated by the belief that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, should have access to the uplifting benefits of fitness.

How the sessions work

There are two parts to these fitness sessions, both run by Sarah from our Resource Centre.

  • The first part is a midweek class for The Passage’s clients, designed to get visitors moving in a series of confidence-building exercises.
  • The community sessions then take place on a Friday in the Catherdral View Rooftop Garden. These are open to everyone in the local area who would like to get involved.

Sarah is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, by ensuring that all sessions are truly accessible to everyone who takes part.

We hope that through these sessions we can provide a space for our clients to put their physical and mental wellbeing first by removing the typical barriers associated with fitness.

Not only that but by bringing clients, residents and those who work in the local area together for these sessions, we can foster meaningful connections within our community.

While the first round of fitness sessions has now come to an end, we’re hoping we’ll be able to restart these classes in the new year so that we can continue making fitness accessible for everyone within our community.

A big shout-out and thank you to Sarah Ryder for her commitment to breaking down barriers to fitness, especially for those experiencing homelessness. Together, we’re making a positive impact one session at a time.

If you’d like to join, find out more, or support this initiative please email Sarah at [email protected] who will be very happy to hear from you!

These sessions were provided in partnership with Westminster City Council.

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