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Ade’s Story

After Ade’s uncle fell ill in 2015, she moved to the UK to become his primary carer. However, sadly, he passed in 2018 which meant that she was forced to leave his home. For a short while, she was able to sofa surf between friends, but eventually, she found herself rough sleeping on the streets of London.

It was during this time that Ade was approached by a local outreach team who brought her to The Passage’s Resource Centre.

Arriving safely at our Centre, Ade was offered immediate welfare support. As a now 64-year-old lady, it was vital that we helped her into temporary accommodation, so our teams referred Ade to a local women’s hostel. Women’s hostels are essential in supporting vulnerable individuals; offering not just housing, but specialised support for many women at risk of homelessness.

Whilst staying at the hostel, Ade continued to visit our Resource Centre daily – to access warm meals, laundry facilities and clothing – whilst our Teams worked address her immigration status.

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As the team worked with Ade, here health and wellbeing was kept at the forefront of their minds and eventually, they were able to help her to get a Leave to Remain decision.

Following this positive result, Ade was allocated to one of our Floating Support Workers, who helped her with managing her finances, opening a bank account and accessing healthcare services. She had also been referred to our Home for Good befriending programme and met regularly with her Home for Good partner.

Today, Ade is residing in our Newman Street Accommodation, as the team work with her to find a stable and secure home.

Ade’s story highlights the importance of early intervention and tailored support for women facing homelessness. As the team continue to support Ade on her journey to finding secure housing, we’re hopeful for a positive outcome that leads to permanent stability for Ade.

Our support is tailored to each and every individual that comes through our doors. If you would like to find out more about some of the services that have been supporting Ade, take a look below.