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Eddie’s story

“The Passage has really helped me to turn my life around. The support they offered me, and the opportunities this brought has been fundamental in getting my life back on track. You just have to engage. They helped me to get back into a routine, taking care of myself and focusing on a positive future”

Eddie has lived in the UK since 2002. For the first 8 years here, Eddie was working 45 hours per week, providing for his wife and young daughter. He had over 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry, managing various restaurants and loved his job.

However, one day in 2010 his life changed in ways he could never imagine.

After a shift, a friend from work offered him some cocaine; something he had tried once when he was younger but didn’t enjoy. However, in this instance it became something he continued to take recreationally – after work and at the weekends. This became a regular habit for Eddie, and in 2012, his wife decided to leave him taking his daughter with her. She told him they were going on holiday, and never returned.

Despite this, Eddie continued to work and eventually found himself in another relationship, which continued for 7 years. At this point, he was managing his intake of cocaine, whilst sustaining a stable job. However, he then started to drink, and this took a toll on his ability to succeed at work.

Eddie’s employer really valued him, and could see that this was affecting his ability to progress; so he helped Eddie into a detox in the aim of ending his drinking and drug habits. However, in 2019, his partner left him, and he relapsed. Because of this, he was unable to keep up with the monthly payments on his tenancy, eventually losing the home he and his girlfriend had secured.

He began sofa surfing for quite some time, however, the relationships he had with friends begun to break down; as people became aware of his alcohol and substance misuse habits. He lived on the streets of London for around 6 months, visiting the Connection at St Martins to shower, eat and get advice.

He worked with Turning Point for some time, receiving support for his alcohol and substance misuse, seeing a psychologist regularly.

Eventually he was referred to Passage House and has said this was a great change for him – as it helped him to refocus whilst living somewhere he felt safe and cared for. During his time at Passage House, Eddie built a strong connection with the staff – in particular Mick, Head Chef. Mick would often invite Eddie to help out in the kitchen, which gave Eddie a newfound sense of purpose: “This made me feel like I could still do something, and achieve something with my life.”

During his time at Passage House, Eddie began to grow in confidence and felt a change in his desire to get back on track. The staff at Passage House helped him to enrol onto a Maths and English online course and assisted him in getting a laptop so he could complete the work independently.

Since leaving Passage House, Eddie is now clean from drugs and alcohol living in a supported accommodation centre, whilst working 15 hours per week. He is keen to increase his hours and begin rebuilding his life. Since starting work, he has resumed in supporting his daughter through her education and has said this is great motivation for him to succeed.

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