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Nigel’s story

Nigel started working with the Passage in 2021, accessing support through our Housing Support Service after a break down in relationships within his family home. Nigel had studied IT to a degree level and had worked for many years in that field but like many others, lost his job during the pandemic.

Whilst working with The Passage’s Housing Support Service, he was referred to our Education and Employment Team for help to get back into work. Nigel expressed that he struggles with dyslexia, and often has issues with confidence and self-esteem which were his main barriers to employment.

The Passage’s Employment Project Worker supported Nigel to prepare for work by completing a volunteering placement for several weeks and accessing courses via the Job Centre. This helped to build his confidence and work-life skills. Nigel was then supported by the team to apply for a series of roles and after a little while of trying, was successful in gaining employment in his preferred field of IT.

After a period of time living in privately rented accommodation, Nigel has since rebuilt his relationships with his family, has returned home and is still in employment to date.

Please note, the personal details of this story have been changed for our clients privacy.