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Sylvia’s story

Sylvia presented to The Passage with complex mental health problems including memory loss.

The Passage supported her for several months, providing accommodation with specialist support, primary services, social care and support, mental health support sessions, cooking and painting activities. The Passage also looked for her family at Sylvia’s request.

Eventually Sylvia recovered and was able to tell her story. She did not remember how she arrived in the UK. She only remembered she was in a church when two men offered her shelter and protection. They took her to a house and forced her to work in various restaurants as a cleaner.

Sylvias Story

One of the men raped her. Then she was placed in a private house and forced to work as housekeeper. She was never paid and only given leftovers. More than a year later she fled the house and slept rough several nights until finding The Passage. Sylvia realised that she had been a victim of a serious crime and agreed to report to the police.

The Passage facilitated the interview with the Met police and she was referred to the NRM. The Passage provided specialised pre-NRM support for another three weeks until she was placed in a safe house.

Meanwhile The Passage found her daughter who had been looking for Sylvia the last two years. She immediately flew to London and was finally reunited with her mother.