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Groups and activities

Extra curricular activities can bring a sense of routine, joy and purpose to our lives.

After recently recruiting a new Groups Facilitator, we run a variety of groups for those who access our services.

These groups are available at our Resource Centre, and also exclusively to the resident’s at our accommodation centres and include:

Womens Group

Experts by experience

Our Experts by Experience (EBE) team is a group of our past and present service users. The team are involved in all major projects to ensure we are moving in the best direction to support those who need our help.

The team meet regularly to discuss various topics and projects, and how they can use their platform to give other service users a voice. They regularly conduct surveys amongst Passage clients, staff and volunteers, to promote co-production in everything that we do.

“The team consists of people who have been homeless and have some insight to what it’s like, so they can help feed into these projects and steer The Passage in the right direction.” – Jim Thomson, Experts by Experience Facilitator

Emotional wellbeing

Our emotional wellbeing group provides a safe space for people to share their thoughts and feelings, with like-minded individuals. Each session starts with a set topic, however those who attend are welcome to use this as an opportunity to speak on any topic that may feel relevant to them in that moment.

We encourage everyone to attend this group, even if they do not feel ready to share. Sometimes simply being around others and hearing their thoughts can be a great way to feel supported and encourage a positive mindset.

Art therapy

Our Art Therapy Group provides a confidential, supportive space to explore and express thoughts and feelings through the use of art materials. 

This group can help with difficult feelings for example: anxiety, loss, grief, distress, loneliness, anger and depression. No previous experience of art making is required, and many of our clients enjoy taking part weekly.

For some, finding their creativity through art has influenced their future, now pursuing a creative career.

Irish group

Coming together over tea, coffee, and traditional Irish soda bread, our Irish Group gather weekly. These meetings provide a warm and inviting space for those with a shared heritage; helping to foster a sense of community and belonging.

We truly believe in the power of community and the importance of holistic support for those who have faced or are at risk of homelessness, and this group are a fantastic example of this work.

King’s Scholars’ Passage (KSP) community garden

KSP Community Garden started during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide residents of and around The Passage with a green space within the City of Westminster. 

This project now sees a number of residents from Montfort House volunteer weekly to take care of the flowers and plants; donated to us by various Corporate Partners and neighbours. 

Many of our clients who attend say that having something to look after helps them to feel motivated and a sense of purpose.

Man smiling, wearing black tshirt holding a paint brush.

Other groups

We are constantly expanding our range of groups, and are open to suggestions.

Many of our groups are run by volunteers, such as poetry and yoga. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.