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Health and wellbeing

For those we support, they have full access to a broad range of health and wellbeing services, which includes:


Primary care services

Health Services

Throughout the week we have a number of drop-in clinics at our Resource Centre, with a registered GP, NHS Counsellor and podiatrist, allowing people to discuss any health conditions or concerns they may have.

To ensure that our clients are aware of the services available to them and to ensure that our clients feel comfortable in approaching them, we run a health and wellness open day at our Resource Centre every 3 – 4 months.

On the day a range of health care providers and advisors come in giving access to their services; whilst our Health Teams hold a range of interactive activities to a healthy lifestyle.

Mental health

There is a strong correlation between poor mental health and homelessness.

Our Mental Health Worker provides one-to-one support, helping people to manage their mental health needs. Support is tailored to each individual’s needs, using psychologically informed framework and an asset-based approach: focusing on the strengths and potential of each person.

The local dedicated NHS homelessness Mental Health Team also provide sessions at our Resource Centre, where they can review a clients’ mental state and medication; providing their NHS clinical input and advice, with the client’s best interest in mind.

Substance misuse

Our substance misuse worker is on hand to offer clients support through all aspects of their recovery journey. At the point of referral clients are offered a drug and alcohol assessment to see where they are at on the cycle of change.

Support is offered using a harm reduction and person-centred approach. The health team work closely with drug and alcohol services where we can refer for additional input, including referrals to detox and rehab.


Having a dual-diagnosis means that someone is suffering with two concerns/conditions at the same time. Most commonly amongst the homeless community, these two concerns are mental health issues and drug addiction.

Our dual-diagnosis worker supports clients using a psychologically-informed approach to address both issues at the same time, helping individuals to learn more about their mental health and drug use, to understand how they are driving one another, and which is the dominant concern in their lives.

Individualised, person-centered care plans are developed, utilising multi-agency working to bring about the best outcomes for the clients.  

Holistic therapies

As well as traditional healthcare services we also provide complimentary therapies to suit as many of our clients’ needs as possible. 

From homeopathy to acupuncture, this holistic form of healing is particularly popular for those on a recovery journey from addictions and substance misuse.

Support groups

Our Groups and Activities Facilitator oversees the delivery of a variety of support groups, which includes an emotional wellbeing group, which provides a space for people share their feelings, art therapy, and more.