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It is our mission to prevent people from ever having to spend a night on the streets, and for those that do, to move them into accommodation as quickly as possible.

We are doing all we can to protect people from the risks and vulnerabilities that are posed when experiencing street homelessness.

Our prevention services include:

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No Night Out

With the cost-of-living crisis putting many people at risk of becoming street homeless, we have taken action to ensure that we prevent people from ever having to spend a night on the streets.

Our No Night Out prevention scheme provides emergency accommodation for those at risk of spending their first night on the streets, whilst we work with them to find a more sustainable solution. This scheme not only enables us to protect people’s safety and wellbeing, but also provides us with an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their situation and what led them there.

No Night Out has proven to be highly successful since launching in 2021, with 196 people prevented from spending their first night out on the streets. Of that number, 13 people needed further intervention to stay in accommodation, only 5 of which remain on the street.

Community intervention

Partnered with local authorities and agencies, our Community Intervention Team works to engage with and support people who are bedded down or involved in day-time street activity in the City of Westminster.

In doing so we offer those experiencing homelessness the opportunity to access safe accommodation and wrap-around support that gives hope for the future and a chance to transform their lives. 


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