Fundraising tips

  1. Create your page – There are lots of sites you can use – the most popular are and
  2. Edit your page: Personalise your page by telling people what your motivations are for doing your challenge and how they can support you. They won’t know how to support you if you don’t tell them, so don’t be shy!
  3. Set a target: Keep yourself motivated with a fundraising goal. Make sure you add it onto your page, so your friends and family know too.
  4. Upload your profile picture: This can increase your fundraising. Plus, every photo you post afterwards can raise 14% more per picture! So, why not take a selfie when you’re fundraising and training?
  5. Share your page: Don’t be afraid to share your page on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media channels to let everyone know about your challenge. You could even email your fundraising page to your workmates too.

Share your page on pay day or on your birthday to encourage sponsorship!

If you set a target on your fundraising page, you can raise 46% more through sponsorship.