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Meet Niamh, Warm Welcome Volunteer

We recently interviewed Niamh who donates her free time as a Warm Welcome Volunteer at our Resource Centre.

In this role, Niamh supports our Resettlement Team to help new and existing clients feel comfortable and familiar with our services.

Why did you want to volunteer at The Passage?

I had a lot of free time, and volunteering was something that I had been doing before when I was doing my A-Levels. I just thought that trying to help people, that you see on the streets day-to-day going to University. I thought that would be a really good way to give back.

How did you hear about The Passage?

One of my friends had actually volunteered at The Passage and said how much she enjoyed it. She learnt a lot, about things that she hadn’t really thought about. So it’s something that I did some research into. I really liked the ethos of The Passage. I’ve been doing it for nearly around seven months and I’ve really really enjoyed it.

What do you like most about volunteering at The Passage?

I think the people that you meet, the interactions that you have. There’s one client in particular who I learnt so much from. There are so many things that you learn about. I think I learn something every time I come in to volunteer.

What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking about volunteering at The Passage?

I would say, to just do it! It’s very flexible, it goes by really quickly and you know that you are doing something to help others. You are just giving back, and there’s no negatives to it. So I would say to just do it.