Employment, training and welfare rights

The Employment, Training and Welfare Rights Team (ETWR) helps our clients find employment.

We recognise that our clients are often far from the labour market and so we help them at every stage of their journey back to work.

Seven full-time staff, assisted by ten volunteers, work in the following areas:

  • assisting unemployed men and women with their benefit claims in order to help stabilise their life;
  • providing comprehensive assessments of clients’ work potential followed by personalised help around whatever issue/s are preventing their return to employment;
  • assigning a mentor to clients who find work.  The mentor meets with them once a week to monitor their progress and to provide assistance around any problems.

In 2016/17, the team helped 124 homeless people into work.

At the start of April 2014 we began working in with Land Securities.  Land Securities in partnership with City of Westminster College and Jobcentre Plus provides a sector based academy for prospective workers in construction and associated activities.  We are pleased to announce that we have so far referred 3 clients to this academy and the first of them has graduated the academy and begun employment in the construction industry.