Homelessness prevention projects

The Passage runs three homelessness prevention projects.

The first is an advice service provided by our Day Services Team to those who are in housing crisis, but not yet street homeless. In 2012/13 more than 80% of people arriving at our services in housing crisis were prevented from ending up street homeless as a result of our intervention.

The second, “Before You Go”, tackles the increasing number of people from central and eastern Europe becoming homeless on the streets of the UK, by facilitating an awareness campaign of the dangers of arriving without appropriate support in place.  Watch the campaign video, which shows true-life stories of what happens if they prepare well and what can happen if they don’t.

The third homelessness prevention project is “Home for Good”. It provides extra support for clients who have been resettled across London, including a weekend social club. The project helps people to access community activities, employment and training opportunities and, by providing social support to develop their confidence and independence, decreases the risk of future homelessness.  Read more about the project here.