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Settling into new accommodation, whilst getting to know a new area, can be extremely challenging, particularly so for people who have experienced homelessness. As one of our clients recalls: “everything felt confusing, I felt dazed. Sometimes, it can mean you get off track. When it happens, you don’t always go back”. Home for Good recognises that homelessness is a trauma and empowers people to move on from their homelessness experience by helping them to settle in their new home. The project uses structured befriending and community support to reduce social isolation, build resilience and thereby prevent return to the streets. Clients say: “Having my volunteer means having something regular, means having someone to bounce ideas off and talk to. We get on like a house on fire, she’s a great lassie!”  Home for Good has “connected me, settled me. I feel positive now.”

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Each Home for Good Volunteer uses their local knowledge & their social skills to empower the client they are matched with to put down roots & make connections in their area.   Volunteers receive full training, background checks and on-going support. All expenses are covered.  If you want to make a difference to someone’s life in your local community then look no further – read more and apply. You can read about our latest work in our 2017 Christmas Newsletter: Community Partnerships Christmas 2017

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To find out more, or to refer a client, please contact the Home for Good Team by email or phone 020 7592 1850.