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Iain Dale’s culinary revelations

I’m not really one for cooking but I’m very pleased to support the vital work of The Passage.

The last time I cooked a meal was in August 1995. It didn’t go well. It was the first meal I cooked for my partner, John. He tells me it was a Marks & Spencer ready meal served on mismatching plates and cutlery. Clearly he didn’t marry me for my culinary skills. I am a pretty unadventurous eater. Give me a nice Toad in the Hole followed by a Blackberry & Apple Crumble and I’m quite content.

There was a time when I was so fussy I would scrape the cheese off a pizza. My mother didn’t eat fish so she didn’t cook it, hence I don’t eat it either. She didn’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol. I don’t either. I have a very sweet tooth, though. I can’t look at a packet of Jaffa cakes without ending up eating the lot. I love cheesecake, Eccles cakes – ok, frankly any sort of cake. I have learned to try new things, though, even if I end up spitting them out. I love German food (well, much of it), Mexican, Italian and I’ve even been known to try a Lebanese. I can’t be doing with anything Japanese though.

Perfect meal? Start with smoked salmon and melon, followed  Chicken Fajitas, Zigeuner Schnitzel with Yorkshire Pudding and ending up with baked raspberry cheesecake. Oh, and a Mint Magnum to round it off with. I really ought to be a restaurant critic…