fbpx Celebrating culture: The Passage's Irish Group

Celebrating culture: The Passage’s Irish Group

This St Patrick’s Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the rich heritage of the Irish, and some of the incredible individuals who make up this remarkable community within The Passage.

The Passage runs a diverse range of social groups, and amongst these our Irish Group stands out as a vibrant example of cultural connection, companionship and a love for sharing personal stories.

Meeting every Thursday, the Irish Group has become a huge part of our Resource Centre, offering more than just a place to meet.

Coming together over tea, coffee, and traditional Irish soda bread, these weekly gatherings provide a warm and inviting space for those with a shared heritage; helping to foster a sense of community and belonging.

We truly believe in the power of community and the importance of holistic support for those who have faced or are at risk of homelessness, and this group are a fantastic example of this work.

Every individual who comes through our doors has their own story to tell and the members of our Irish Group are no different.

Dave – Irish Resettlement Worker

After years of dedicated service within the homelessness sector, Dave brought his passion for supporting individuals to The Passage as our Irish Resettlement Worker.

Working in partnership with the Irish Embassy, Dave supports Irish citizens who have experienced or been at risk of homelessness since relocating to London.

Our Irish Group members frequently share stories of Dave’s impact, highlighting his ability to connect with and support them.

It’s clear that Dave’s passion for his work is not just about providing services, but about building a community where everyone feels valued and heard.

Briain and Sarah

Briain and Sarah both met at The Passage around seven years ago, and since then they have become inseparable.

Together, they share a variety of hobbies and interests – from opera to art sessions. But it was an evening at a Boy George Concert, where their relationship became official!

Years later, Briain proposed to Sarah right here at our Resource Centre, marking another special chapter in their shared story.

Both have enjoyed exploring Irish culture together; Briain reconnecting with his roots and Sarah diving into Ireland’s history and even picking up some Gaelic along the way!

We’re so grateful to have been a part of Briain and Sarah’s heartwarming journey, and cannot wait to see what their future holds.


Patrick first visited The Passage back in 2011, after moving from Ireland to London and finding himself without a place to live.

Whilst supporting him with his immediate welfare needs, our team also worked with Patrick to secure him long-term stable accommodation.

With so many incredible stories from his time travelling the world, his multiple movie features and productions, and his time in Ireland, it would be impossible to capture his journey in one short video.

But, we have done our best to give you a short snapshot of his amazing story!

Patrick has become a vibrant part of our community, sharing his tales and encouraging others to join and experience the warmth and camaraderie of the group.


Dee, a grandmother and talented photographer from South Africa, is an integral individual within our Passage community; actively participating in the women’s group, art classes, and even our Irish Group.

Despite not being familiar with all the Irish traditions and topics discussed, Dee finds joy and connection in the group’s camaraderie and lively conversations.

From opera singing to photography, she embraces every opportunity to learn, share, and contribute, making her a beloved figure among us.


Sean, a successful manager and producer of Irish music acts, shares a powerful message: homelessness can happen to anyone, regardless of their success.

When speaking with Sean, he opened up about the challenges he encountered during this period and how they became lessons in resilience and growth.

Despite these obstacles, he has continued to thrive in his career, managing acts and creating success stories. Using his own experiences, Sean is now helping the Irish Group to harness their creativity, and guiding them in producing their own films.


…and Vincent did just that! In this video, he shares his vibrant days working in a West London bar during the 80s – a time of fun, excitement, and adventure.

Vincent’s advice? Live whilst you’re young, because how else are you going to have any stories to tell!

Today, he finds joy in connecting with his roots through our group, where he can share those stories, embrace his culture, and build new friendships.

If you would like to find out more about this group, please contact David Wells – Irish Resettlement Worker at The Passage.