fbpx No Going Back: our current three years strategy

No Going Back

No Going Back includes five strategic goals: Prevention, Progression, Collaboration, Quality and Resilience.

They provide the framework within which we will work towards our vision of a society where street homelessness no longer exists and everyone has a place to call home.

Over the course of this strategy, we will ensure that people with lived experience of
homelessness are engaged in the rollout and involved in key aspects of our decision making. This means everything from the design, delivery and evaluation of our services to our influencing and advocacy work.

1) We are committed to preventing homelessness happening in the first place by intervening quickly and creatively before people reach crisis point.

2) We are committed to achieving long-lasting and sustainable outcomes.

3) We are committed to collaborative partnership working across all sectors and to shaping The Passage into an organisation that truly embeds Co-production; involving the people we work with in everything that we do.

4) We are committed to measuring and sharing our impact and effectiveness and developing quality standards across all that we do.

5) We are committed to implementing robust infrastructure to ensure we have a resilient organisation that can respond quickly to those who need us most.

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