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The Passage Launches its new Three Year Strategy for 2022-2025

In July we welcomed friends, partners and supporters of The Passage to our Cathedral View Conference Centre and Rooftop Garden to celebrate the launch of our new strategy: No Going Back.

Watch the No Going Back film.

In the last three years, the pandemic created a unique opportunity for The Passage and others to come together to address the varied and complex issues of rough sleeping and for the first time in many years, rough sleeping was dramatically reduced. It reaffirmed our belief that when we are open to changing the way we do things and working collaboratively, street homelessness can indeed be ended for good.

During the final two years of our last strategy, we tested out innovative new approaches to how we run our services in response to the changing needs of our clients, largely as a result of Covid-19.

These approaches have now been widely adopted within The Passage and form the foundations of No Going Back.

Our New Vision

A society where street homelessness no longer exists and everyone has a place to call home.

Our New Mission

1) Preventing street homelessness by intervening quickly before people reach crisis point.
2) Ending street homelessness by providing innovative and tailor-made services that act with both compassion and urgency.
3) Advocating for those who feel they are not heard by amplifying their voice to bring about real systemic change.

Our Five Strategic Goals

The No Going Back Film


If you would like to help us in achieving our mission, donate or get involved today. Whatever support you can offer will make a big difference to those we support.

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