fbpx SocialBox.Biz and The Passage Celebrate 7 Years of Giving!

SocialBox.Biz and The Passage Celebrate 7 Years of Giving!

Since 2016, The Passage and SocialBox.Biz have partnered to offer laptops to those impacted by homelessness. This partnership exists as a way to combat digital exclusion, which disproportionately affects people experiencing homelessness; enabling individuals to move forward independently, by way of education, new careers, and staying in touch with loved ones.

Today, hundreds of laptops have been donated as part of this partnership, and these devices have yielded positive results in the lives of those in need.

This summer, a man named Matt arrived at The Passage after a family bereavement left him homeless. During his time at The Passage, Matt discovered a passion for art, and with the laptop he received, Matt now stays connected with his art therapy group and exhibition opportunities to further develop his career as an artist independently.

Another wonderful example of this is a man named Carl, who received a laptop via SocialBox.Biz in 2022. He came to The Passage after losing his job and his home. Carl wanted to become a security guard, and the laptop he received helped him pursue this goal while also staying in touch with his friends and family.


SocialBox.Biz is a community interest company on a mission to end the digital exclusion gap that many people experiencing homelessness face. When you donate your old, no longer needed, but still usable tech devices to SocialBox.Biz, their team will wipe your electronics clean and donate the refurbished laptop to organisations, like ours, supporting those facing unique digital barriers.

As we move towards the Christmas holidays, we want to remind you that there’s no better time to donate than now. 

By donating your unwanted devices today, you can help support more people like Carl and Matt to overcome barriers to digital inclusion. Learn more at https://www.socialbox.biz/.

Thank you

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at SocialBox.biz for continuing to work alongside our Education and Employment Team to close the digital divide for our clients, allowing them to stay connected and digitally independent.

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