Schools and Universities

Shania from Ark Academy in Wembley

Shania in Year 8 created a committee of fellow students to arrange a variety of fundraising activities for The Passage, including a film night at her school, a clothes sale, and bringing her incredibly cute dog into school and charging her schoolmates £1 to have their photo taken with him. She recently presented The Passage with a cheque for £253 at the end of year assembly and the committee is in the process of planning more activities for next year!

If you are at school or university, or you work for a school or university, there are some great ways you can help us as well as encouraging students to learn about issues in society that affect other people.

We are always delighted to come and speak at school assemblies or individual lessons where the topic of homelessness might be relevant. To support our work, students have done various things, from holding a cake sale to holding a sleepover at the school and charging an entry fee for a unique and fun night with their friends! University students have organised street collections and other events to raise money.

If you’d like to do something for us, get in touch! We love to hear new ideas.

Email Andrew Hollingsworth or phone 020 7592 1855.