fbpx The Passage Flower Collection with Muddy Trowel

The Passage Flower Collection with Muddy Trowel

This month, August 2023, Muddy Trowel launched The Passage Flower Collection, a colourful and summery potted plant designed in aid of our organisation.

The Passage first began working with Muddy Trowel back in 2021, during the pandemic. Since then, Muddy Trowel continues to support our mission.

Starting with The King’s Scholars’ Passage Garden project, where Muddy Trowel kindly donated resources including plants, pots and tools, helping to create the wonderful space it is today.

In July 2023, Muddy Trowel took part in our Secret Garden Party event, donating raffle prizes, and hosting their own stand at the event selling a variety of plants, donating all funds raised to The Passage.

The latest Passage collection is now available to shop via the Muddy Trowel website, where the kit will be permanently available – so long as the plants are in season!

All proceeds from The Passage Muddy Trowel collection will go towards our mission to end street homelessness.