How do people become homeless?

There are many situations that can lead to a person becoming homeless. The most common are:

• the break-up of a marriage or relationship;
• the loss of a job, leading to the repossession of a home or inability to pay rent; or
• an addiction to, or abuse of, prescribed or illegal drugs or alcohol, or even gambling.

Not all homeless people sleep rough on the streets; many are insecurely housed, living in bed and breakfasts, or sleeping on friends’ floors. People who have served time in the armed forces often find it impossible to cope with civilian life. Others may be running away from an abusive relationship.

Some homeless people find it very difficult to trust others or they refuse help, meaning that helping them is not always easy. Each step, no matter how small, is what The Passage is here for: to help, support and encourage people to transform their lives.
You can watch one of our former clients, Henry, speaking about his experiences being homeless and the help we have given him – click here to view the video.