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Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassador Scheme is a movement of like-minded leaders aged between 14-18, who want to change their communities for the better. 

Ambassadors are based across London and belong to a network of change-makers raising money for The Passage and spreading awareness of our cause. 

Young Ambassadors will be tasked with fundraising, boosting the profile of The Passage and helping spread the word about ending street homelessness to classmates and their community. 

Ambassadors will be rewarded with some great merch, certificates, invites to social events and regular communication with The Passage team.  

Passage Young Ambassadors will also have the unique opportunity to learn about street homelessness and homelessness prevention. With The Passage’s support, Ambassadors will learn new skills, improve their knowledge and build relationships and networks within the charity sector and their own community.

Ambassadors will start at the bronze level before taking on increasingly challenging fundraising and activism targets until they achieve their gold certificate. 

If you or someone you know are up for the challenge, click the button below to apply for our scheme.

For more information about the scheme you can download our Young Ambassadors pack here.

Not sure about how to apply or if the scheme is right for you? Drop us an email at [email protected] or call 0752312795.